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Forest Essentials Organic Cold Pressed Almond Virgin Oil, 200ml

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  • Natural cold pressed virgin almond oil - Great for ayurvedic massage
  • Cold pressed almond oil - highest possible levels of vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids - Calcium, magnesium, vitamin E
  • Rich profile of omega fatty acids - Softens and moisturizes the skin - emolliating
  • Great for scalp and body massage - strengthens the skin and hair - prevents breakage and hair loss
  • Gentle yet effective - safe for all skin and hair types
Product Description
The key process for any oil, when it comes to quality, is 'Cold Pressing'. This means that the oil has been extracted by a natural method which doesn't damage essential fatty acids. Oil from sweet almonds has a very pleasant texture, is almost scentless, rich in protein as well as highly emollient, nourishing and absorbs well into the deepest layers of the skin. This cold pressed virgin almond oil contains almond oil from sweet almonds which are cold pressed to retain natural properties intact for excellent results. Enriched in vitamin A, B1, B2, B6 and E apart from several essential fatty acids, this pure oil nourishes the skin giving it a fine and smooth texture. It easily gets absorbed into the skin and helps to leave the skin silky and soft with a non-greasy feel.
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